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Tourism and the Sustainability of the Natural and Cultural Environment

We got the chance to interview the Chairs, the Assistant Chairs and some Delegates of the Meeting Room 1 with their cooperation during the committee dinner. All of them looked proud as they tabled their resolution drafts.

Mr. David De Graef, the chair of the Meeting Room #1, thought that the Meeting Room 1 went on fantastic and all of the Delegates are very motivated. They cooperate together and always work hard. This JEMUN was the first time for Mr. De Graef to take the position of Chair. He sometimes made mistakes, but he thinks that the Delegates have done well. As finding solutions were very challenging, Mr. De Graef is proud of the Delegates for their great job.

The Assistant Chair of the Meeting Room 1, Ms. Yukiko Higashi also mentioned the same thing. For her, the delegates have worked so together well and smoothly. She considered that the topic in the Meeting Room 1 was difficult. However, she acknowledged everyone’s hard works. With enthusiasm, she then closed the short interview with this message to the Delegates: “Well done, Delegate! Thank you for your cooperation with us.”

Meeting Room #1

Diplomatic Friendship Blossomed in Meeting Room #1

By Dyah Ayu Karina Dwiastuti and Mami Amazumi

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