JDI Promotions Winter Promotion 2017 - Page 8

Let us show you how Knowledge is power the saying goes, and with STIHL you’ll get both. STIHL will provide a top quality, high performance power tool for any tasks you’ve planned for this Autumn and Winter. The knowledge part of the deal is provided by our nationwide network of 180 expert STIHL dealers, who’ll offer advice on what tool you need to achieve what you plan to do, and then give guidance on using and caring for it. That’s in addition to their dedicated after-sales service. At this time of the year, there’s quite a lot to get busy with. Some of the seasonal tasks that you and your STIHL tools might need to address include: • Removing moss and green grime from tiles, patios and pathways: quickly and easily dealt with thanks to the power of STIHL sweepers and high pressure cleaners. • Doing a last-time-this-season trimming of the lawn and grass edges: STIHL brushcutters and trimmers do the trick and can easily manoeuvre around garden pots and steps. • Dealing with the never-ending drifts of leaves: STIHL has blowers that will make light work of this chore. It’s not just a question of neatness – leaves left on your lawn will block out sunlight, causing bare patches and encouraging mossy growth. • Taking the removal of organic matter a step further for the sake of your plants: use a STIHL vacuum shredder to transform leaves and grass clippings into mulch to give your garden a nutritious boost. • Aչѕ͡Չ́MQ%!0ɑ́չ̰͡ɥ̰)չ́ѕ͍́ͅɔݡЁԁ+$Q她ٕɡɅ́ѡݽѼѱѽɕх́ɕݽ)ݥѠѡMQ%!0̰ͥͅ镐ɑѼȁ̸)]Ѡѡٕ͔ɅMQ%!0ݕȁѽ)Ёȁͅ׊eͽٔѡɑ)͡͡ͼԁȁ啅)ɹѥɽЁѡQXѼ)ȁɕЁMQ%!0ѱЁȁа)́ɔѡɔȁԸ]Ѡѡ׊e)͍ٕȁѡݕȁݱѡ)ݕȁMQ%!0)%9MQI4 =4MQ%!1M