JCPB Get Connected Get Connected: July - September 2017

Get Connected Johnson City Power Board Our Brand History Take a moment to consider some of the most recognized brands -- Coke, Disney, Kleenex, Apple, TVA. Next, consider the attributes that are associated with these brands. The brand attributes are the perceived deliverables and benefits for the customer. A brand is more than a name, logo, color palette, or tagline. A brand describes who and what a company does. Below are samples of the JCPB brand history. These various brand images may be memorable for some. Even several of our employees remember driving the old, yellow trucks with the logo visible on the side doors. As you can see, our brand has improved through the years and become more modern and clean. As your service provider, we hope to always meet or exceed your expectations as often as possible. Even though a new company name and new brand is in the near future, many will always remember us as the “Power Board.” However, what’s most important is that you know we are your friends, family, and neighbors working around-the-clock to keep your power on just as we have for many years! 1970’s - 1991 1991 - 1999 1999 - present Line News for Everyone July - Sept. 2017 Committed to Serving Your Energy Needs On March 31, 2017, Johnson City Power Board (JCPB) became Johnson City Energy Authority (JCEA). An energy authority is a governmental entity as defined under Tennessee law, and operates very similar to a municipality. Although the legal entity has changed, business has and will continue as usual with minimal change. And, until a new name and brand has been decided by our Board of Directors, we will continue to “Do Business As” (DBA) the “Johnson City Power Board.” Technology and energy efficiency initiatives continue to dictate change in our industry. Technology has significantly improved over the last ten years, which continues to provide new, innovative ways to conduct business and allows new program and service opportunities. Improvements in energy efficiency have significantly slowed kWh (energy) sales industry-wide, and sales across the nation continue to decline or remain flat. JCPB kWh sales have remained flat since 2004 despite adding over 8,500 metered customers during that same period. One example of how technology has drastically changed the manner in which JCPB conducts business is with the completed installation of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in February 2012. Many functions that were manual years ago are now automated with the AMI system. JCPB no longer manually sends employees to visually read meters, instead readings are obtained on the hour via the AMI. This act alone saves time and money. This also allows JCPB customers to access to their household’s energy usage data via our SmartHub mobile app. Second, JCPB has a robust 163-mile fiber optic back-bone connecting its substations. The fiber back-bone has dual purpose, which includes supporting the utilities communications network and potentially providing an opportunity for Internet service to be delivered by Fiber-To-The-Premise (FTTP). This will be the first non-electric service offered by JCPB. Third, JCPB is partnering with Silicon Ranch to build a solar farm. In addition to investing in earth-friendly renewables for power production, another reason for such a business venture is to provide an opportunity for an additional revenue stream as customers can purchase solar energy produced by the farm. As the market changes, utilities have no choice but to invest in new business opportunities. Today, business is very different for JCPB than it was in 1945. Becoming an Authority and re-branding will provide new opportunities for our company, our community, and possibly our region. However, one primary objective shall remain: we are a service-minded company and we will continue to work hard to maintain reliable, reasonably-priced electricity, and related services. Rest assured that even though we now function as an Authority and our brand will be changing in the next several months, our commitment to your electric service will not change.