Javea Grapevine Issue No. 170 - 2014 - Page 99

the large car park overlooking the beach.  Fish a speciality.   Great views.  Menu del día €18.  Best to book. Tel : 96 647.0776 /  f. Tues.  www.losremoslanao.com worthwhile restaurant for the residents of Montgó. Superb meat is their speciality. Best to book. Tel: 96 646.1338 / www. pizzeriapepa.com Restaurante LA RENDA : Cristo del Mar, Jávea Port, right beside the Cinema Jayan.  Beautifully appointed restaurant with some serious, adventurous  and very creative cuisine - we even found sweetbreads on the menu.    Menu del día €12.50.  Live music on Friday.  Muzak turned off on request.  Tel: 96 579.3763 / E-mail: larenda. javea@gmail.com   www.larenda.es N.B. This restaurant offers a bargain pre-cinema special menu from 18:45h (Tues-Fri) at €14.50 which includes your cinema ticket ! Restaurante LUNGO MARE  (Jávea,  Arenal beach front): Italian restaurant -  beware large portions (some can be shared !) and, also, the muzak can be bad !  Often fairly full so best to try to book.  In spite of hot competition next door recent reports have not been as good as previously ! Tel : 96 647.1196  / open daily http://www. verema.com/restaurantes/46085-lungomare-javeaç FAMILY RESTAURANTS / GOOD & RELIABLE (Euros 20 - 35 per head)   Restaurante AUSTRIACO has been sold and a new Italian restaurant has taken its place - see under LA TAGLIATELLA.   AUSTRIACO Bakery (Jávea; Arenal beach front).  This excellent bakery continues to offer their superb bread/croissants & gâteaux from 07:00h daily.  (also served at their café. Tel : 96 647.1004 / open daily / Another source of very excellent bread is the (expensively-priced muzak-infested) Saladar Supermarket. Also visit Le Parisien coffee bar (next to the Deutsche Bank) and the British Bakery opposite.    Restaurante AZORIN :  Jávea Port (in street behind Napoli). Superb fish (especially sole) /chicken & chips. Menu del dia €9. Kids love it. Tel : 96 579.4495 / f. Sat.   Restaurante BACCHUS (Jávea): Wonderful quality,  Swiss owned.   Cook your own (superb) steak on stone. PinosolCansalades road. Must book. Menus-del-día from €15 (W/ends €18).  Tel : 96 647.3096 / f. Mon.  / http://www.infocostablanca.com/ bacchus/first%20en.htm Restaurante L’ÉCHALOTTE : Jávea Costa Nova, beside the tennis club just before the La Guardia cross roads. International cuisine of excellent quality with covered terrace behind. Good parking. Tel: 96 647.3364 / [ no web site ] Restaurante EL GAUCHO (formerly Las Brisias on the Jesús Pobre road). This restaurant has gained many plaudits under the management of the excellent Pizzeria Pepa (at Arenal) and offers an especially Restaurante MEZQUIDA : Main road from  Jávea old town towards Arenal, on right side, just before the SuperCor/Iceland roundabout but after  Sol-Mar offices.  Pleasant terrace and good ambience. Very popular Spanish ‘family’ restaurant. Serves the best Arroz negro (a delicious rice and squid dish) that we know of.  Superb meat. Mostly muzak-free.  Menu-del-día €16. Tel : 96 579.3620 / open daily / E-mail: rtemezquidaxabia@hotmail.com  www. restaurantemezquida.com/   Restaurante MINTT RUSTICA (Jávea - Cami Cabanes). Take road to right of Barclays, right at ɽչ