Javea Grapevine Issue No. 170 - 2014 - Page 89

The Grapevine Issue 170 2014| 89 | Bringing Business Together in and around Jávea and Denia Dear Gaile, How can I see when your next meeting is? If you check out our new website on www.mabc.biz - Our latest news is there - if you would like a direct link it is http://mabc.biz/Bulletin/nextbusiness-club-meeting/ I see that you now run the Grapevine Magazines? Yes - we have always been very transparent about this. Several Magazines, including The Jávea Grapevine, are run through the Business Club, which is an SL in its own right. This means that we are able to offer full and legal Facturas to our advertisers and clients. This was one reason why we thought it was important to have our ISSN registered. Why do I see some links to the Grapevine on Issuu and some on other platforms? The more platforms that we can subscribe to, the better job we do for Jávea and for our advertisers, because the wider the audience. The more people we can encourage to visit the town, the more jobs, facilities and opprtunities there will be for the families who live here. How many magazines are there and do the Magazines and the Club’s aims coexist? As a brand we are growing. Live in Spain Magazine is immensely popular at £3.99 an issue (£1.99 for subscribers) on iTunes and Android. Jávea Grapevine is our Flagship Magazine, it has been Free for for most of its life and we want it to stay free. It is all about promoting Jávea people and businesses - in a positive way - to encourage economic growth in order to benefit all its citizens. In the same way, Lanzarote Grapevine will do the same for the Lanzarote Region and we wish it well. It launches at the beginning of July. We have a host of new Grapevine Magazines starting up over the next year - and Marina Alta Business Club will be helping and supporting each of these these new publications every way we can. New business rarely walks in through the door, however wide it is open, without effort. The more info we can place nationally about events in Jávea, the better off Jávea will be. 5Ws has been absorbed into Live in Spain Magazine and The Grapevines, but it will still be available for Special Feature Editions. To find out more contact Gaile on manager@mabc.biz or ring 966 461 913.