Javea Grapevine Issue No. 170 - 2014 - Page 79

The Grapevine Issue 170 2014| 79 |  Actions to be taken: • Detection of people who may need the resource. • Analysis and assessment of the situation • Detection of personal needs and ihelp required. • Offer a Comprehensive care coordination and collaboration with other organsations, agencies, and other departments of the Red Cross (Return, Reception Centres, Employment, food) • individual and group intervention. • Provide users with products for: hygiene (showers and laundry) wardrobe and complementary feeding • Conduct periodic monitoring of social situations of each user.   Features   Mobile Day Centre - A Completely equipped MED 680 Motor home (no medical teams) on a FIAT DUCATO 160 Multijet. If the pilot Project is successful it is hoped to roll out the project across Spain.