Javea Grapevine Issue No. 170 - 2014 - Page 72

72 | The Grapevine Issue 170 2014 The Grand Provincial Lodge of Valencia In February 2011 the Provincial Grand Master of Valencia, Right Worshipful Brother Barrie Mansell, launched the Festival 2014. The idea first took shape when he attended a number of annual assemblies of other Provinces in Spain. Those Provinces, as part of their annual report, detailed the amount of money given by individual Lodges to charity and he was amazed at the considerable sum of money that was involved. He thought that if individual Lodges could raise so much money just imagine the amount that could be raised collectively by a Province. The purpose of the Festival was twofold. It was hoped that not only would it raise money, but also bring together all the Brethren of the Province to work, jointly, towards a common goal. In the case of the Province of Valencia this was to raise funds for Cruz Roja.   The target set by the PGM was for the Province to purchase ambulances during the life of the Festival to be used by Cruz Roja throughout the Valencian Community. This was without doubt a challenging target and to be achieved it would require all the Lodges to work hard both individually and collectively to raise the monies need. To encourage participation it was essential that the Festival had an official start date, in this case the 1st June 2011 and an end date, 31 May 2014, with clearly stated aims and targets that would be totally open and transparent to all members of Valencia Province. A Festival Committee was established to co-ordinate the whole event and to liaise with Cruz Roja so that their requirements were taken into account. On the 19th May 2013 the Provincial Grand Master handed the first cheque and ambulance to F. Javier Gimeno Blanes, the President of Cruz Roja in Alicante. This event took place at the Hercules Football Club, Alicante and Jesus Garcia Piparch, President of the Hercules Football Club afterwards invited the Provincial Grand Master and his team to enjoy the match that followed. All the Javea Branches have worked hard to make a major contribution to the appeal.