Javea Grapevine Issue No. 170 - 2014 - Page 55

The Grapevine Issue 170 2014| 55 | So, what we need is the pronoun – that little word which tells us who is being ‘pleased’ (who likes it) & GUSTA or GUSTAN. GUSTA is used when it’s followed by a verb/action or one thing which pleases - remember GUSTA means it pleases GUSTAN is used when it’s followed by a several things which please remember GUSTAN means they please - PRONOUN me (A MI) ME you (A TI) TE him/her (A EL/ELLA) LE us (A NOSOTROS/ AS) NOS you (all) (A VOSOTROS/AS) OS them (A ELLOS/AS) LES GUSTA / GUSTAN So we have 6 pronouns: me = me ; te = you; le = him/her ; nos = us; os = you all & les = them. • So - Me gusta nadar - I like to swim (me, it pleases, to swim) • Te gustan las manzanas – You like apples (you, they please, the apples) • Le gusta correr – He likes to run (him, it pleases, to run) • Nos gustan las fresas – We like strawberries (us, they please, the strawberries. • ¿Os gusta ese coche? – Do you all like that car? (you all, it pleases, that car?) • No les gusta la música Jazz – They don’t like Jazz music (them, it doesn’t please, the Jazz music) You might have noticed that there’s another column on the table which I haven’t mentioned. That’s because a lot of the time you won’t need it. You do need it though, when talking about someone else. From my examples above : Le gusta correr – He likes to run….. but who is ‘he’ … or it might even be ‘she’ because the le doesn’t tell us who we are talking about. Without saying who is being pleased, we have no idea!. So if Juan likes to run, we have to say A Juan le gusta correr …. & the ‘A’ is essential – we’re saying ‘to Juan, him, it pleases, to run’ Similarly, No les gusta la música Jazz, doesn’t actually tell us who doesn’t like Jazz – it could be anyone! But if I say A mis vecinos no les gusta la música Jazz. - you know that I’m talking about my neighbours! (Actually I have no idea if they do or not – maybe I should try turning the volume up to see if they complain!!) ¿Os gusta cantar? A mí sí . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amRjmB7JmNw