Javea Grapevine Issue No. 170 - 2014 - Page 37

The paint inside the fully refurbished Correos was barely dry when the need for urgent structural repair work on the porch and upstairs was uncovered. The porch area and the floor above had to be gutted for safety and the rebuilding work to repair the building is major. They are making good progress however and have made huge efforts to keep the Correos open and functioning normally, during the whole process. They have even built a temporary covered entrance way to give everyone safe access to the building. Inside, however, is very smart. New counters, some seats (for those of us weary from the haul up from the car park) so that we can rest while we wait and best of all a new ticketing system so that we don’t have to stand and queue, we can relax and chat with our neighbours. Best of all the staff, now they less stressed, are processing clients faster. The Grapevine Issue 170 2014| 37 | The Correos The repair of the porch of the main Coreos in the Pueblo is because of movement in the Porch structure which has affected the rooms above and more importantly public safety. The Post Office building, itself, is privately owned, but the Porch is part of the Municipal Property. The emergency work, which will strictly adhere to cleaning up the the damaged areas, will last two or three weeks and have a budget of 29,000 euros.