Javea Grapevine Issue No. 170 - 2014 - Page 101

Excellent for rice/fish dishes.  A recent visit showed them on top form.  Tel : 96 579.0629 / f. Monday http://www.verema. com/restaurantes/36008-amarre-152xabia-javea Restaurante LA CANTINA DE JAVEA : Situate right in front of the fishing fleet of Jávea’s port (on the ground floor right around the back – left side - of the one storey building by the fishing boats). Clientele is almost all Spanish. They are often very busy so you must go early (say 12:30h). Very good prices. Their fish menus consist of the catches of the day. They are serving all day long (and even after the cinema). Tel: 96 579 2190 / open tlj : 7/7. Restaurante SUR  At the beautiful Granadella creek (down off the Cabo de la Nao and the No.1 beach of the Marina Alta);  certainly the best fish restaurant in Jávea (they own their own boat!).  Our absolute favourite for fish and a beautiful location.  Sensational puds !  Highly rated in Spain’s Gastronomía Guide.  Best to book. Tel : 96 577.1612   /  July/Aug daily 10-23h  /  otherwise open  lunch only (closed mid-Dec - end Feb).  http://www. restaurantesur.com/   RESTAURANT OF THE MONTH – A truly exceptional item : Restaurante LES FOUGES (and delicatessen & retail fish shop) : Cami Paellero 3, Moraira. See our introduction this month. Restaurante MENA :   Wonderful position on the rocks at the end of the Las Rotas road (go over Jávea / Montgó to Denia Rd, hard right at bottom roundabout).   It was expensive with bad muzak. It also used to be xenophobic but we hear it’s under new management so certainly worth a try…. or drive on a little further and there’s another good restaurant on the right. Tel : 96 578.0943 / f. evenings  /  http://mena. restaurantesok.com/aquiok/detallrest. jsp?id=547&prov=Alicante AND ANOTHER EXCEPTIONAL (FISH) ITEM ! Outside the Ermita supermarket (by the little church on the Jávea to Jesús Pobre road) at 10:00h on a Saturday morning is to be found an enterprising Dutchman (Arjen) who is selling fresh martjes, smoked eel, roll-mops, smoked mackerel, buckling (a herring smoked whole – as opposed to kippers which are smoked flat), smoked trout and potted shrimps ……. AND (only to order) fresh/frozen HERRINGS (mostly with their roes – and at €1.25 each). When did you last enjoy a fresh herring ? Surely the most marvellous of fishes ? Orders to : 667 997300 (every Sat. morning from 10:00h) or argentocorazon@gmail.com [ and inside this supermarket, at Xavi’s excellent meat counter, can be found the very best STILTON in the area ]. Arjen is in MORAIRA on Thursdays 10 - 14h at Tabaira – Palco. INCODNITO < Fish ‘n’ Chips  > : Jávea, Arenal beach, on main car park.  It is not usual for such an establishment to find its way onto this list but it has proved to be very reliable with both fresh fish and chips of excelle