Javea Grapevine Issue No. 170 - 2014 - Page 100

100 | The Grapevine Issue 170 2014 Shares jazz with neighbour Colima on Thurs. Tel : 96 579.4745 / barpiripiri@ hotmail.com f. Sun.pm & Mon. Arenal Beach Bars Etc Eastern Cuisine Restaurante PIZZERIA PEPA (Jávea: Arenal beach front,  nr. middle).  Spanish; excellent value, swift service. Pizza takeaway. VERY efficient, popular with good atmosphere;  muzak low; must book ! Menudel-día €16. The best quick-service “family” restaurant at the beach. But beware when ordering water : Bottle arrived at the table opened and was charged at €2.90 - both unacceptable. Tel : 96 579.2572 / open daily http://www.pizzeriapepa.com   Restaurante LA TAGLIATELLA : (Jávea,  Arenal beach front) : Another elegant looking  Italian restaurant, close to Lungo Mare, but with dark 19thC décor.  Reports (4) have commented upon poor service and high prices. We await a change to this situation. Tel: 96 647.2984 / www. latagliatella.es / 7/7 ARENAL BEACH BREAKFASTS – COFFEE BARS & BAKERIES : BREAKFAST at Jávea’s Arenal beach: For those looking for a breakfast of some quality on the sea front – especially what is known as a “Full English” - we recommend the Champagne Bar and Black Beluga. LE PARISIEN (Horno y pasteleria artesanal) Next to Deutsche Bank (or opposite Humpty Dumpty) at Jávea’s Arenal: French coffee bar with superb bakery & patisserie – everything here is to be praised. Stylish and clean and delicious snacks. Horrible muzak. Open 08:30 – 19:00 (Sundays till 14:00h). 96 579.1466 / www.elparisien.com EASTERN RESTAURANTS (Jávea) : INDIAN RESTAURANTS Restaurante MADRE INDIA : Another quality Indian at Arenal beach (in the middle outside of the road that runs right around the beach area). Takeaway facility and Wi-Fi.  Noisy, but with appropriate(!) muzak and TV.  Not clear if this is a change of ownership as well. Comments welcome. Open 7/7. Tel: 96 646.3768 NEPALESE RESTAURANTS Being largely ignorant of Indian cuisine we have wondered why these next three restaurants are talked about over and above all other (Indian? style) restaurants and two are listed at Trip Advisor higher than the other Indian restaurants. We can only assume it must be the Nepalese influence ! Go and try them. Restaurante BUDDHA PALACE : Arenal - opposite Banca March. Always a most enjoyable experience and the “bush telegraph” tells us that this is the place to go! 96 579 2894 buddhapalace1@gmail. com / Open: tlj Restaurante GURKHA PALACE : Avda. Jaime 1, No.8 in Jávea port.  Fine food with good ambience. Take away service. Menus del dia : €9.50 & €11.99 A la carte €20-30. Tel: 96 579. 3331 / f. Tues.midday. Restaurante EVEREST SPICE (previously Riu Rau) (Costa Nova):  Another Nepalese restaurant with charming décor; top of ro @