Javea Grapevine Issue 183 2016 Two - Page 80

Local Police Xàbia urges caution with embers from fireplaces and barbecues after a fire in a small pine forest surrounded by homes in the Mitja Lluna street, in the area of ​​Cap Martí. Fireplace Embers cause Fires About 11.30 hours the smoke and flames in this plot full of weeds alerted the locals, who called 112 while trying to put out the fire on their own to prevent the pine trees burning. They mobilized the provincial firefighters quickly, who controlled the fire alongside Civil Defence volunteers & volunteer firefighters Balcon al Mar. Both the Civil Guard and the local police in Xàbia have also been investigating the origin of the fire, according to testimony gathered, it was caused by the dumping of hot coals off at one end of the field. As a result of previoius experience there was an awareness that embers remain active for several days after removal of a chimney, so before depositing coals in containers or in a forest area, it is necessary to be sure they are cold and inert. It is rcommended that they spend several days in a metal bucket or container before disposal, and should always be placed in sealed bags and then thrown in water to be completely sure that they can not reignite.