Javea Grapevine Issue 183 2016 Two - Page 79

Vintage Gems 1. Sort your wardrobe out and ask yourself, if you saw it in a charity shop would you buy it? 2. When in hospital and about to nod off, bring the sheet up to just under your nose so that when your mouth drops open you don’t look dead ! 3. With these horrible coughs around, beware that a change of temperature from room to room can bring on a coughing fit. Also keep the bedroom warm at night you will cough less. 4. If your eyebrows are becoming sparse have your Thyroxine and B12 levels checked. 5. Fit an expanding shower rail inside the shower, against the wall and use it to hang plastic baskets on to hold all your soap, shampoo etc. Saves drilling the wall or using those silly suckers.