Javea Grapevine Issue 183 2016 Two - Page 68

AND A RECENT TIP : For an excellent FISH & CHIPS try THE INN on the GREEN (Bowling Club on the Jávea - Benitachell road) !! Restaurante LA CALETA : Avda. Ultramar 114, Jávea (Cala Blanca).  Excellent, but simple, fish etc. on the rocks with just the noise of the sea (unpolluted by muzak !). Careful what you order – this isn’t as cheap as it appears ! Closes end Sept. for the winter. Restaurante LA CANTINA DE JAVEA : Situated right in front of the fishing fleet in Jávea’s port (on the ground floor right around the back (left side) of the one storey building by the fishing boats). Clientele is very Spanish. Best Patatas Bravas in Jávea ! They are often very busy so you must go early (say 12:30h). Very good prices. Their fish menus consist of the catches of the day. They are serving all day long (and usually even after the cinema). 96 579 2190 / open tlj : 7/7. Restaurante COVA del MERO, beach road north of Denia: Magnificent fish restaurant on the beach.  From Denia harbour take coast road northwards through Las Marinas to the 5km stone, turn right at traffic light (modern sculpture on far left corner), drive to beach, turn left.  Menu del dia €23.  Their speciality is Llandeta – their (unique?) and very famous, and most delicious, “wet” white fish dish with potato (to be booked in advance). We have taken groups totalling over 200 people to eat this dish without a single dissenter. NOT TO BE MISSED. Must book.  96 578.4864 / open 7/7. info@restaurantcovadelmero.com http://www.restaurantcovadelmero. com/ (their internet connection are unreliable)   UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT – We are still awaiting reports please; there seems to be some confusion as to what direction this place is going in! Restaurante LES FOUGES (fish restaurant and delicatessen & retail fish shop) : Cami Paellero 3, Moraira (drive south from Moraira – on the right side before Pepe la Sal). We thought that the re-location and enlargement of this fish shop and restaurant to the coast road just south of Moraira was the most exciting gastro-event of last year; uniquely here is a fish shop attached to a restaurant (or vice versa !). This marvellous French family-run operation offers a huge range of fish and shell fish as well as the best selection of French cheeses you’ve seen anywhere in Spain (incl. the divine Boursault) …. and a marvellous range of delicious pâtisseries, tartelettes & gâteaux, patés, terrines, French tinned/bottled specialities and French bread. In a separate room are 6 tanks of lobsters! Also on offer are scallops,