Javea Grapevine Issue 183 2016 Two - Page 63

Restaurante LA RENDA : Cristo del Mar, Jávea Port, right beside the Cinema Jayan.  Beautifully appointed restaurant with some serious, adventurous and very creative cuisine - we even found sweetbreads on the menu.   Menu del día €12.50.  Live music on Friday.  Muzak turned off on request.  96 579.3763 larenda. javea@gmail.com   www.larenda.es FAMILY RESTAURANTS / GOOD & RELIABLE (Euros 25 - 35 per head)   Restaurante AMANECER: c.300m on the right, along the ridge of the headland going to the Cabo San Antonio (off the summit of the JáveaDenia mountain road – the fire got close !!). What a surprise to find this restaurant now so wonderfully refurbished with shaded pool-side bar and eating area, comfortable poolside furniture and, within, an elegant air-conditioned dining room. During their recent visit the Southampton Uni Symphony Orch. spent the whole afternoon here and all spoke very highly of it. For diners without a swimming pool, here is a place to have lunch and spend the afternoon. The dining area is large enough for social functions yet still acceptable for more intimate dining. Menudel-dia €11. Easy parking. A good addition to the list. 96 579.0765 / info@restauranteamanecer.es / www. restauranteamanecer.es CAFÉ AUSTRIACO – Café & Bakery (Jávea; Arenal beach front).  This excellent bakery continues to offer their superb bread/croissants & gâteaux from 07:00h daily.  (also served at their café. Tel : 96 647.1004 / open daily / Another source of very excellent bread is the (expensivelypriced, muzak-infested) Saladar Supermarket. Also visit “Le Parisien” coffee bar (next to the Deutsche Bank – even worse muzak !), the British Bakery opposite.  & see LA BAGUETTE de France.   Restaurante AZORIN :  Jávea Port (in street behind Napoli). Superb fish “a la plancha” (especially sole) / chicken & chips. Menu del dia €10.95. Kids love it. Tel : 96 579.4495 / closed Saturdays.   Restaurante BACCHUS (Jávea) : Pinosol-Cansalades road. Wonderful quality. The delightful new owner ̰)5