Javea Grapevine Issue 183 2016 Two - Page 6

I also had the chance to explain to Mr Manley about all the good work that is being done in our town for our foreign residents. It was a very positive meeting which will serve to further strengthen our bonds of communication, collaboration and coexistence. A good example is the information service provided by the "Help Desk", located in the OAC which provides care and information in four languages to assist our citizens in their dealings with the Town Hall. We are also aware that the success of a society is measured by the degree of equality and wellbeing in its midst. These are most important issues. Consequently we have signed an important agreement to adhere to the plan against energy poverty set up by the Generalitat Valenciana, chaired by the President Ximo Puig. This agreement means that no citizen or any family will be left without water, electricity or housing because they cannot afford it. I also mentioned the Spanish courses for foreigners and the attention in English on social networks and from my own personal Facebook page.