Javea Grapevine Issue 183 2016 Two - Page 20

These are words which we use to compare things (comparativos), to say that things are bigger (superlativos/augmentativos) or smaller (diminutivos). Más, menos, muy, mucho, muchos & other useful words... which are often used rather badly… Let’s start with simple translations of some of these words: MÁS MENOS MUY MUCHO/ MUCHA MUCHOS/ MUCHAS POCO/POCA POCOS/POCAS TAN TANTO/TANTA TANTOS/ TANTAS MORE LESS VERY A LOT/ MUCH MANY A LITTLE FEW SO/AS SO MUCH SO MANY Más & menos can be used with words which describe something, & que – for example an adjective which describes a noun (thing) or an adverb which describes a verb (action), as in the following examples: Más – adverb – que Lynn Cobb www.learn-aprender.com Javier corre más rápido que Manuel - Javier runs faster than Manuel.