Javea Grapevine Issue 183 2016 Two - Page 15

According to the UK Office of National Statistics, there has been a steady flow of citizens leaving the UK shores for many years. Roughly one in ten of all UK citizens do not actually live in the UK, any more. Since the late 1990s every year, roughly a third of all UK Emigrants have left to head further into the EU. Many have now settled across the Eurozone and made it their home. In 2014, alone, over 10,000 British Nationals moved to Spain. Those who left in or before June 2001, however, have lost a critical part of their citizenship. They might still hold a UK passport, they might still have tax liabilities in the UK, they might get a UK pension and might still be entitled to recieve the full protection of the British Consulates and the Foreign Office, but they may no longer have a say in what happens in the UK and how it will affect their and their family’s future. The current UK Government has pledged to return our vote, but that will not happen in time for the EU In/Out election in June. However... If you know anyone who moved here from the UK after 2001 (ie who has been here less than 15 years) they still have time to register their vote for this election. If they go to www.gov.uk/ register-to-vote there is a form that can be sent to their old constituency. Are you a British Citizen who moved to Spain after June 2001? If you voted in the last election you may need to renew your Voter registration before you will be able to vote in the June Referndum - registration has to be renewed every 12 months (Ten times during the life of one British passport! - I can feel another campaign, after we all get the vote back).