Javea Grapevine Issue 183 2016 Two - Page 12

The Councillor for Urbanism, Isabel Bolufer has met with a team from the Valencian Department of Housing, Public Works who are developing the Plan of Action for the Coastal Green Infrastructure (Pativel). The Coastal Protection Study means there will be no new building approvals before November within 500 metres of the coastline This initiative, announced by the Valencian Regional Government last November, aims to preserve and protect the Valencian coastline from predatory urban development. As explained by the Councillor, the meeting, which included Paco Torres the Councillor for Urbanism, was an opportunity to discuss how the regulations will affect the coast -line of Javea. It was also an opportunity to feedback to Valencia how the citizens and Council of Javea manage each of the areas along the coast to protect them and how each newly proposed urban plan (building application) is dealt with and developed. The results of the visit to Javea will be added to other studies by the Ministry who are collating the data needed for the decree to be submitted for approval, defining the categories for protection and how it will be applied. Therefore, until November this year the approval of all new building programs for development are suspended if they are within 500 meters of the coastal strip.