Javea Grapevine Issue 182 2016 One - Page 77

Warm Winter hits fruits vegetables and The atypically high winter temperatures and on-going drought are causing diverse problems with agriculture in the Comunidad Valenciana: Artichokes, lettuces and cauliflowers need cold nights to harden off and growers expect a 50% reduction in quality; peaches also need cold nights to develop properly; some citrus fruits , notably mandarins have been over-ripening; Almonds have flowered early and a late cold snap could adversely affect the crop. Lack of rain means that growers need to spend more on irrigation and warm weather has encouraged more pests, so more expense on pesticides. From Las Provincias Sunday Print Edition. There are also reports that the Pine Processionary caterpillar is early this year: Diarioiformacion Fishermen reject developer’s offer to leave the port Xàbia fishermen met in the Posit of Xabia and voted to reject the offer by developers of €500,000 to abandon their berths in the Port. 4 voted to accept the offer, one abstained and five voted for rejection. From Las Provincias: Pescadores... Xàbia Town Hall cannot not conceive of a future port without fishermen. The mayor Jose Chulvi said that “we will take all actions necessary” to keep fishing in the dock. Developers had made moves to get rid of the fishing fleet (see story: “The End of Commercial fishing .. December 2015) but Chulvi considers the activity to give the port uniqueness and identity. The port’s future depends on the Valencia government. But Chulvi said that “we are in constant contact with the Councillor for Infrastructure [Maria Jose Salvador], who has already told us that nothing will be done in the port which Xàbia does not want.” The current draft project of Valencia expects to retain the fishing harbor in its current location. From : La Marina Plaza. Driest December in 40 Years Spanish Met Office figures reveal that December 2015 was the warmest and driest in the Marina Alta over the last 40 years, with rainfall in Xàbia being 95% below the average. December was also the warmest year since 1950 with an average temperature of 2.3 degrees higher than usual. From: La Marina Plaza (Eds note: In a releated development, the area has been put under fire alert due to dry conditions combined with high winds (LaMarinaPlaza