Javea Grapevine Issue 182 2016 One - Page 75

the slogan “Submérgete en un mar de vida” - Dive into a sea of life - in which there are a number of reviews with photos, texts and infographics which showcase the 25 kilometres of our coastline, the marine reserve and the 22 dives recommended by the municipality’s seven diving clubs, a sector that has been involved in all the positioning strategy and has endorsed the launch of the initiative. More than 30,000 dives were registered in the bay of Xàbia last year of which more than half took place outside of the high season of July and August. For full story see: Javeamigos. Here’s the promotional video pity there are (at the time of writing) no subtitles in English or other languages. Bull running in the streets loses best chance of long term protection The federations of the “Peñas de Bous al Carrer” had been hoping to have bull running designated as a “BIC” (Bien de Interés Cultural) - and item of Cultural interest . With this status it would have been protected from any moves to ban the activity. However, growing protests about the activity combined with a leftwing government in Valencia has meant that this request had been turned down. From: Las Provincias https://youtu.be/5eohNaiJjik