Javea Grapevine Issue 182 2016 One - Page 63

JUST RE-OPENED UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. LE PARISIEN (Horno y pasteleria artesanal) : Next to Deutsche Bank (and/or opposite Humpty Dumpty & Chez Angel) at Jávea’s Arenal: Similar quality, it appears, and muzak slightly less awful! EASTERN RESTAURANTS INDIAN RESTAURANTS N.B. NEPALESE RESTAURANTS Being largely ignorant of Indian cuisine we have wondered why these next three restaurants are talked about over and above all other (Indian? style) restaurants and two are listed at Trip Advisor higher than the other Indian restaurants. We can only assume it must be the Nepalese influence and the reputation of Northern Indian cuisine ! Go and try them. GURKHA PALACE : Avda. Jaime 1, No.8 in Jávea port.  Fine food with good ambience. Take away service. Menus del dia : €9.50 & €11.99 A la carte €20-30. 96 579. 3331 / f. Tues. midday. EVEREST SPICE (previously Riu Rau) (Costa Nova):  Another Nepalese restaurant with charming décor; top of road up from Saladar to Costa Nova Panorama just after hairpin bend on the road towards La Guardia and Granadella (just after the closed kindergarten). Pleasant atmosphere & beautiful gardens. Good reports but slow service their take-away service is highly recommended. 96 577.0230 / Restaurante BUDDHA PALACE : Arenal - opposite former Banca March & tennis club. Always a most enjoyable experience and the “bush telegraph” tells us that this is the place to go! 96 579 2894 buddhapalace1@ gmail.com Open: tlj NEW OWNERS: KHATMANDU (formerly the TAJ MAHAL) : Over overlooking the large car park at Jávea’s Arenal beach. Was formerly recommended – we hope it’ll be so again ! Comments welcome, please. 96 647.1684 The same family of owners (as Buddha Palace above) have opened in Jávea port: CHINESE Restaurante CURRY PALACE Just after Bar Clavo and the new gardens with the high wall. Take away service. Excellent reports. A good post-cinema stop ! Open: tlj. Tel: 96 579.2907 / E-mail: palacecurry@gmail.com INDONESIAN : TAPINDO WE ARE VERY SORRY TO REPORT that TAPINDO has CLOSED The WOK BUFFET Jávea, at the CAIXA (formerly Barclays) roundabout. Very good for families and now with an extensive choice of shellfish included in their bargain price. Eat all you like for €10.95 (€5.95 for kids under 7). Go early (12:30h for lunch, 19:30h for dinner) when the huge spread is at its best.