Javea Grapevine Issue 182 2016 One - Page 50

Vintage Gems Our Vintage Gemologist is ill this month - we wish her well and a very speedy recovery. Meanwhile I thought you might enjoy a few Victorian tips 1) CORNS, RELIEF FROM CORNS The cause of corns is simply friction, and to lessen the friction you have only to use your toe as you do a coach wheel – lubricate it with an oily substance. 2) TREATMENTS FOR EARACHE Place a ready-cooked baked potato (warm to hot) on the painful area keep it there for as long as you can without letting the skin burn 3) USE SUGAR AND MARGARINE FOR SOFT SKIN A little dollop of margerine (or butter) mixed with a small amount of sugar then rubbed over calloused skin is an effective skin softener - it sloughs off the dead skin (a very light scrub on a wet face, with sugar on its own also works). 4) ANOTHER USE FOR LEMONS Rinse clean hair in lemon juice to add highlights 5) POT POURRI Geranium petals AND leaves make great pot pourri when dried