Jasmine's Place Issue No. 9 - January/February 2014 - Page 51

Sometimes, life is hard. It feels like you are making no progress. You just want to turn around and go the other way--any way but the awful path you seem to be stuck on. God taught me something else He will do with those mountains. The book of Isaiah is one of my favorites, and this verse has blessed me all day, the more and more I think about it. But you can't. The illness won't go away. Your kids won't behave. The job doesn't get any better. Your marriage isn't mending. The bank account is empty. I will turn all my mountains into roads. Isaiah 49:11a NIV So, what do you do? You keep plugging on. You keep climbing that mountain, hoping against hope that you'll make it to the top and back through to the other side in one piece. That mountain. We all have mountains we're trying to climb, barriers that are keeping us from where we want to be, that are making getting there (wherever "there" may be) tough. The battles we face--the mountains we climb--will become direct paths to God's will for us. As we hike up that seemingly insurmountable peak, the Lord will use it to lead us on the path He wants us to follow. The very struggles we are experiencing will become the road that leads us to the precise location where God wants us. So, if you're hiking one of those mountains, thinking you can't handle another day, press on. You may just be on just the right road, and God is right there with you. And that's the best place to be. But, do you know what? Those mountains are not truly our (c) Joanne Sher 2011 mountains. Sure, they're affecting us, Joanne Sher is a Christian writer saved out of Judaism, traveling rough roads with God's strength. She loves to but they don't belong to us. blog, encourage, write, and spend time with her family. Learn more about her at http://www.joannesher.com. Those mountains--those struggles-are God's. He knows about them. He allowed them to block our path. In many cases, He put them there. Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com CHRISTIAN WRITER Article URL: http://articles.faithwriters.com/reprint-articledetails.php?id=7785 JASMINE'S PLACE 51 51