Jasmine's Place Issue No. 9 - January/February 2014 - Page 41

Flowers Make Seeds One of the main functions of flowers is to reproduce. Ask yourself what am I reproducing in others? What kind of seeds am I planting? Because what you plant is what grows! Who are you associating with? It is important to know as this determines your end product. Flowers Demonstrate Love When we receive a gift of a flower, we feel loved. The best gift we can give to those we love is ourselves; our time and undivided attention. Being aware of our children’s concerns, recognising their weaknesses and developing them, complimenting their strengths and giving them due respect can depict our love for them. Flowers Can Die Flower, you can’t give what you don’t have. Remember you are your most prized asset. Look after yourself. For you to thrive you need food (spiritual, emotional), support, time for yourself, ɕ