Jasmine's Place Issue No. 9 - January/February 2014 - Page 40

FLOWERS FOR MAMA Mums, did you know you are the flower someone wants? Find out more. By Funke Oham Many mums if not all, look forward to receiving flowers. But Mum, do you know that you are actually the flower many people want? Let’s look at some of the attributes of flowers: Each Flowers Is Unique Flowers come in various colours, sizes and types. But each is unique in its own way. Avoid the trap of trying to be like another mum and feelings of not being good enough. Work at being the best mum you can be, of course learn from others but don’t try to ‘be’ others. Flowers Are Attractive Mums, we are all a work in progress. Each year, work at increasing your attractiveness quotient. I don’t mean physical looks! That’s important too and we shouldn’t let that slip. Your spouse, children, friends and others should love being around you. Your words and deeds should inspire motivate and engage everyone in your sphere of influence. Flowers Beautify I always find myself stopping anytime I walk past a flower shop and spending time admiring the flowers. Flowers light up a room. In what ways are you brightening the lives of those around you? Flowers Nourish Every now and again, I look at my older son and realise he is growing so fast. We can never regain the days, months and years that have gone by. You need to constantly ask yourself, am I spending quality time with my spouse and children? How am I encouraging, supporting and cultivating them? This is our primary purpose as a mum not our never ending responsibilities and chores. Yes, it is hard, but we need to find a fine balance. It just doesn’t happen, we need to plan for it and make it happen. JASMINE'S PLACE 40