Jasmine's Place Issue No. 9 - January/February 2014 - Page 19

Emperor - Gold Featured at Marie Claire USA From Marion’s Couture Collection findings or design on shells and style accordingly. Most importantly, I work on a variation of themes so it is important to storyboard the collection before I make a selection. Needless to say, things could change at the last minute as the reality sets in after sample production meetings. 5. You've been featured at the London Fashion Week, what does it take to be featured at such a prestigious event? I was invited to apply for LFW and was a bit reluctant as the process is a little bit daunting. It is a highly vetted show and the organisers wanted just 10 shoe designers. The BFC (British fashion council) decides who gets to show. 5.What's your favourite collection to date? I really haven’t got a favourite, I strive to do better each season. Now I am working on AW14/15 and already excited about the collection. If the manufacturing is as good as it looks on paper, then we are on to a winner! What's the name of your Spring/Summer 2014 collection? SANCTIFIED JASMINE'S PLACE 19