Jasmine's Place Issue No. 9 - January/February 2014 - Page 12

HEALTHY FOOD EASY For 1 or 2 if you’re nice! Guacomole Hi, I’m Janelle, a Christian, a Wife, a Stay at Home Mom of 3 young children and a proud-to-claim- it “Foodie”. I absolutely love to cook. I typically have an audience of 3 children, pulled up on chairs, taking turns pouring ingredients into bowls. My spiritual gifts are a mix of “hospitality and evangelism”. So, here I am at the center of God’s will, hoping to help you get a little more comfy in your kitchen! Wohoo! It’s up there with chocolate on my list….seriously. I love guacamole! In fact, my entire family loves guacamole! ha! I’m very proud of that fact, being that my little ones are tight lipped when it comes to eating their veggies {I know, I knowit’s a “fruit”}. Nevertheless….this recipe is for 1. Why? Because 1 avocado is the perfect size for a portion of this deliciousness- you can multiply the recipe as you wish. I make this often for myself for lunch …I eat it in a salad or with corn tortilla chips for a gluten-free meal! Easy Guacamole Listen Ladies, if you don’t have all of the ingredients on hand- NO worries, be “comfy” about it- as long as you have a ripe avocado, salt, pepper, and garlic powder you are good to go. I’ve “made do” many of times! JASMINE'S PLACE 12