Jasmine's Place Issue No. 9 - January/February 2014 - Page 11

These three people are likely not famous, they may not even be rich. But they are definitely angels sent to help move you forward on your journey. Dream on dreamer, you’ve got a great year ahead! As we go forward into 2014, take action: Do you know who the three members of your dream team are? If you do, write them a thank you letter this week. They deserve it. Perhaps they may even be your co-workers, family or friends. Maybe you haven’t even met them yet? Then pray to God. No detail of your life is too big or too little to take to Him. He is interested in all of you. He gave Moses to Joshua, Paul to Timothy, and Naomi to Ruth. Get comfy, grab your favourite drink and check out these accounts in Exodus 4: 6-7, Timothy 2: 3-5, and Ruth 3:14. And if you don’t know God, you can. In an instant, in a heartbeat, you can ask Him to be your father today through His son, Jesus. Believe in Him, trust Him, He’s waiting with open arms. We were not created for isolation, but for community. When you’ve found your three people, link up with them, love on them, pray for them and get on with the business of living your dream. Cheryl Thomas is a lover of life, great adventures and God. A minister, author and certified life coach, she is passionate about inspiring everyday Christian women to embrace SUPER extraordinary lives. Visit her website, www.BecomingEngaged.com/Life, to grab her FREE eBook, 7 Secrets to Living the Life of Your Dreams, and take your life from lackluster to blockbuster today! You can also connect with her socially at www.Facebook.com/becomingengaged or Tweet her at www.Twitter.com/Cheryl_L_Thomas . JASMINE'S PLACE 11