Jasmine's Place Issue No. 9 - January/February 2014 - Page 10

A Supporter Every dreamer needs ONE person to believe in your dream. This person believes not only in the dream on the inside of you, they know YOU are the person graced with the ability to fulfill it. They support not just with their words, but with supportive actions to help you reach your goal. A Challenger Every dreamer needs ONE person who will hold you accountable when you feel tired, defeated and discouraged. This person challenges your drive and determination and lovingly pushes you forward when you’re tempted to quit. They are the coaches who help you increase your stamina and stoke the flames of your dream when life tries to snuff it out. A Transformer Every dreamer needs ONE person who will shift your thinking. The transformer coaxes you out of the narrow confines of the limitations in your mind. They help you see past roadblocks and train you to turn any setback into a comeback. Their goal is to help launch you into the BIG world you are called to conquer. JASMINE'S PLACE 10