Jasmine's Place Issue No. 20 - Christmas 2017 - Page 9

Very often there is a bit of hope to see Christmas as we once did long ago, through childlike eyes... In honor of the season maybe we should have cocoa while we chat today? Whatever your choice of beverage, why don't you grab it and let's talk! I believe it blesses the heart of the Lord when we hold our hopes close in our hearts; keeping them alive. Nurturing them and giving them breath against all odds despite how things look. Jesus came so that we would hope, and especially in Him, the hope of glory! In fact, I'm hoping this Christmas you will guard and nurture your hopes and dreams. Moreover, I hope you will dare to speak them out! Tell them to your sweetheart, a loved one, or a trusted confidante. I'm hoping you will put voice to those things that are still so much desire; and at the same time remember, He gives us the desires of our heart. As we delight in Him... For quite some time now, each year the Lord places one word in my heart for the coming year. That one word redefines my perspective, stretches me past all previous limitations, challenges me to grow through many acts of obedience, and in general, touches and bles 6W2גvRƖfRPV"FRv&Bv2$W&W"FW"V Bv2%W'6R"FW&RfR&VV琧v&G2Rw2vfVF&FRV'2F0V"B2&VV%&W7F&F"v6fPFRFWF2f"FW"FR'WBf"r7Vff6RBF6R6FVW2F&R&PFfFgVFgVf2&֗6R`&W7F&FR6VRwfRV&VBFRVv&G2FR&B&W76W2אV'B&R&֗6W2FW&RFP&֗6RFBbrFfP2vfW"FR6֖rF2VWrFBV"w2v&B֖BPv6rR6RFw2v'F6VVrBw2&֗6RFBv&P6vVBF6VRR6W6RBbWfVGVǒ&V6֖r6VPv2B7G2&RB&PƖRFRfFW"6RV'2vFRv&BRvfPv2RFFwB&VƗRBBFPFR'WBRv2F&V6Rא&ƖfRv&B"RBv2vfVGW&pFRvVfVBVW72VfV@B֗7VFW'7FBB6RvV@6VVVBWfW'Frf֖Ɩ"@6gFVBBv2vfVvVBv0FRf"RF&RG'Vǒ&WfVVBגƖfRBv2vfVW7FǒFP&vBF֖r&RRfPW2b6WFpFv&Sw&VBW&VWFgVǒत4ԔRu24P