Jasmine's Place Issue No. 20 - Christmas 2017 - Page 41

In a few days it was time to come down from the high place . The night came quickly and Lois heard growls and barks from the darkness. Her King lion came closer, telling her it was time for her to keep going and to stay hidden. She felt the touch of his soft thick mane on her face and didn’t want to pull away, but he was quick to insist, reminding her of what he had shared on the high hill. Lois sprang away quickly as instructed and in seconds the vicious attack began. She ran fast but the sounds of her King lion in battle haunted her. She could hear the breaking of his bones and the tearing of his hide, she could even smell his blood being spilled to protect and save her. Opening her eyes once more, she looked lovingly at her orphan cubs. She knew the price that had been paid for her life and it was important she equipped them with every skill they would need for their days ahead. They needed to know this same King that she had known. That not only did He die, but that he ad also arisen. It was important that they understood that when He left, He gave them the power to do the same and even greater works that He had done. They needed to know His great legacy. While they slept, she groomed their coats, purring loudly. Her heart expanded with joy whenever one of them squeaked or a yawned knowing they felt safe in her care. Morning dawned and it was time for a new lesson. This time Lois took them farther then they had travelled before. The cubs were excited to explore the new places and with Lois nearby, each had a sense of security. Soon they could smell new scents and realized they had crossed over into other lions territories . Lois had warned them before about older lions that would kill cubs to protect their territories because they saw young lions as threats. With each new scent, the cubs trembled, but their curiosity kept them going beyond the boundaries that they had known. Looking to Lois they waited for her signal of direction for what they should do. Lois, remembering what her King Lion had shared about places beyond, encouraged the cubs to go on. Other lions roared, intimidated, unwelcoming. But the cubs were strengthened with Lois close by. Each came alongside their mentor and lifted up their young and immature roars. To their amazement, the rogue lions seemed to cower away. Lois was glad. The King’s legacy was passing on. JASMINE'S PLACE 41