Jasmine's Place Issue No. 20 - Christmas 2017 - Page 40

She wanted to be generous in how she encouraged them to learn to run. In these games she knew their muscles were getting stronger, and how much they would need this strength and confidence to survive in the wild. The days passed quickly, some hot and scorching, others cold and fierce. Lois taught the cubs to hunt good food sources and where water could always be found no matter the inclement weather. She was always steadfast, understanding the cubs were prone to make many mistakes while they grew. Whenever they’d become wounded, she would let them curl up beside her while she groomed them to heal in preparation for their next outing. Lois loved to watch them all the time. At nights she had more room to really think about their lives. As they rested, she too could rest, remembering all the lessons she knew needed to be passed onto them. It was in the nights she’d close her eyes and see her King lion again. He was beautiful and the best of all the lions. He had kept her safe throughout the years she had known him. He was a husband, a lover, a friend and much more. While she was young he had taught her to rely on him for all her needs, never leaving her alone. 40 JASMINE'S PLACE As she grew older her faith in his abilities increased. Her King lion would lead her to the far boundaries of the Savannah wilds and share with her, about places beyond what she could see that they were meant to explore together in their future. In these precious times she spent with him, she could remember being fearful of the unknown. She would often hear growls and barks in the darkness around them making her tremble, but his reassurance would always fill her with a greater courage to keep going further with him. Many times he stood beside her as they faced danger from foes and creatures wanting to hurt them. In time, Lois learned to know when it was her who was to fight or when she just needed to be still and watch her King lion take on the foe for her. Their years together were wonderful and she listened intently to everything he shared. One afternoon he led her high upon a hillside overlooking the plains below them. They sat a long time together being quiet before he began to speak to her about their intertwined fates. When he was finished, she looked over the plains knowing she would do all he asked of her.