Jasmine's Place Issue No. 20 - Christmas 2017 - Page 24

I actually thought singing in a choir was what God wanted me to do for him. I later realised it was also to e on other platforms. The prophesies kept coming about me having a "Call" even for many years. I kept receiving prophesies from men and women of God regarding a music ministry. I didn't take it seriously as I felt I have been in Choir singing for God, secondly, I have never wanted to be a gospel artist. Later, in 2015, I started having dreams about big artists but didn't understand the meaning at the time. In August 2016, I has a couple of encounters in dreams, but the one that pushed me out eventually was where Sinach Joseph prayed fervently for me in a dream. The dream was so strong, it was as though in the physical. When I woke up, I told myself these occurrences were not not ordinary and I needed to do something. I went back to God and asked for forgiveness for not listening to him all the while. I told him I am ready to start what he wanted me to do for him in music. From then on, God started giving me inspirations. I receive most of my songs when am in deep worship, prayer, and dreams. 24 JASMINE'S PLACE JP: Can you share some specific inspirations behind your current songs? GK: I got the song "None like you" earlier this year during my private worship to God. As I was worshipping him, He gave me the song. I got the inspirations for Power in the name of Jesus, Glorious God and He's Risen during one a prayer meeting and Sunday service. JP: I always like to end an interview with 3 fun questions. So, what’s your favourite colour? GK: My favourite colour is Purple. I love it because it’s not only a cool and beautiful colour, it also depicts Royalty. I am a Child of a King and am a Royal - that's where I belong. JP: Your favourite dessert? GK: My favourite desert is Apple crumble and custard. I love it because It’s very tasty. I also love vanilla Ice cream. JP: Your favourite season? GK: My favourite season's Autumn. I love Autumn because of its beautiful colours. We thank Glory for her time and wish her all the best. Visit her at www.glorykingsmusic.com Interviewed by Puaichie Badejo