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punishment. Mary faced a lot of consequences from Joseph, her family, her community. Yet, as scared as she had to be, her reaction when she was first visited by the angel reflects how she handled everything that was to come: “Mary responded, ‘I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true.’ And then the angel left her.” Luke 1:38, NLT. • She didn’t waste time. When the angel first delivered the news that she would conceive the “Son of the Most High,” Luke 1 records that Mary was “confused and disturbed.” There’s an understatement! Despite the emotions and questions, it goes on to say that in a few days, she hurried to Elizabeth. The angel told Mary that Elizabeth was expecting, even though she was old. Mary went and not only learned that it was true, but that the prophesy was in motion for her. Mary went to praise God for keeping His Word. For His favor. When I feel the Holy Spirit’s nudge to forgive someone, pray, give when the funds are low, it takes me time. Like Eve, my sin is I don’t believe God is enough. What if His word, His promises don’t come to pass? Sounds crazy, but I’ve dragged my feet for the very same excuses. Perhaps you did, too. Mary? Her agreement was immediate. Her trip to Elizabeth was fast. Her praise when she had visual proof everything the angel said was true? Instantaneous. • She had a mentor. It’s tempting for us to pursue independence. We fear criticism and rejection. We’re afraid if we ask for help the other person won’t have the time. I believe one of the reasons I’m on earth is to encourage others. Mentoring is so important, and Mary and Elizabeth are a great example. Elizabeth had a lot of life experience, it says in Luke that she was older. She was married, and expecting. All of these things were seasons of life Mary could use Godly counsel in. Their example is one we should emulate. This Christmas season, the focus definitely needs to be on Jesus. However, I think as we live to be more like Him, we can also learn a lot from Mary’s life. Julie is an author and speaker encouraging you to find freedom through surrender and chocolate. She is the author of the surrendered time series - the first two books, Entrusted and Entangled are available now. Visit her at www.juliearduini.com Image: www.freebibleimages.com JASMINE'S PLACE 19 19