Jasmine's Place Issue No. 20 - Christmas 2017 - Page 18

INSPIRATIONAL Lessons From Mary Julie Arduini Perhaps because I am a mother, when I watch movies or a series about Jesus, I’m drawn to how Mary is depicted. Whether it was Roma Downey playing her in The Bible, or, Alissa Jung from Mary of Nazareth, I find traits in the mother of Jesus that I think are worth observing. • She chose life. Before I knew Christ in a personal way, even before God’s word of church or ministry were a part of my everyday life, I remember using Mary as a reason I would choose life. Any commentary I’ve read on Mary, there is one aspect they agree on, Mary was a teenager. She was engaged, and the wonder of the miracle of her conception aside, put yourself in her shoes. Brides were to be joined in marriage with complete purity. Mary couldn’t hide her pregnancy and she did not want to bring shame to Joseph. Her explanation had to sound crazy. It had never been heard before. Stoning was a common 18 JASMINE'S PLACE