Jasmine's Place Issue No. 20 - Christmas 2017 - Page 11

A new freedom was given to me along with confidence that exceeded any insecurities or inferiorities that had been mental and emotional bullies of my past. My new confidence lies solely in the hope of the omniscient power that governs - to do just that - govern! It is the absolute confidence and expectation that the One who has never failed, will continue what He has begun, right up to the day we meet Him face to face! This newfound confidence brought license to hope through His perspective, for the fulfillment of the good desires He plants in my heart. Before, there had been certain things I dared not hope for. Now I truly understood, with God all things really are possible! To be clear, I must pause here and say yes, I had hope before, but it was limited. You see, Hope must often compete with our human intellect and realism until we are led further, beyond our limitations, by the Spirit of God. We can "will" ourselves to hope, dream and believe only so far, and then we need a life-altering touch from the Master! The kind of touch that can only be experienced in His presence. I pray this Christmas you whisper your hope to the One who can bring it to manifestation; recognizing that He is the author and finisher of our faith - our hope. I pray that as you share your hopes this season, you will come away with an expectation that because He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all you can ask or think, and because He is a very good God, He will answer. I pray this Christmas you will be touched in greater measure by the One who was gifted to us centuries ago, and that you will go into the new year 2018, embracing HOPE... Lee Brooks is a dedicated intercessor, former pastor, biblical counselor, and bible teacher. With over thirty years of experience working in California civil service, Lee brings a wide range of insight for Christian woman in the business world. In March 2016, Ms. Brooks founded When Women Pray the Movement (wwpmovement.com). Their mission has been to equip intercessors to pray for the church, our nation and the world. Through this non-denominational ministry, she has organized and hosted community-wide worship and prayer gatherings, and writes a faith blog. Lee also authors daily prayer devotionals on social media. Ms. Brooks stands firmly on the precepts of II Chronicles 7:14, “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray…” and believes the church is called to world influence! She believes the praying church can effect radical worldwide change in the areas of politics, global terrorism, cures for newly emerging diseases, human trafficking, famine, drought, and so much more. Lee has witnessed and been the recipient of the miraculous, having experienced sudden cardiac death and a subsequent “resurrection” in March 2017. Following that experience, and being convinced more than ever that the praying church is unstoppable, Ms. Brooks developed The School of Intercession. It’s purpose is to assist intercessors in their personal prayer lives, by providing instructors and guest speakers who bring a “Now Word” from the Lord. Today she continues as an instructor, and is the leader of the school through her home church. Ms. Brooks first book, a devotional prayer journal entitled, “30 Days in the Gap,” was published in October 2017. Lee is the mother of one adult son, a daughter-in-love, and has three granddaughters. When she is not writing, she loves to read a good story, watch a moving drama, or listen to beautiful music. She is passionate about young people and loves spending time investing in their lives. Ms. Brooks resides in northern California. JASMINE'S PLACE 11