Jasmine's Place Issue No. 19 - September/October 2017 - Page 9

Leg to the journey When I died, my eyes were open and there were tears on my face. This is what I’m told. The open eyes make sense to me as I was about to step onto a platform before people and speak, but tears? That’s slightly confusing. Why don’t you get a cup of tea or coffee and allow me to tell you my story… Lee Brooks The first couple days of March 2017, had been uneventful; quite ordinary and normal. I was feeling well, writing every day as I do, in my apartment, making the bed, doing the dishes, watching some television - regular things. I still remember walking out the door that evening to go to church just like I had done every Thursday evening for years. The day before, I was asked by one of our pastors if I would please be prepared to come forward during the service that evening and lead a prayer. Even that request was not out of the ordinary. I’m frequently asked to lead a prayer at our Thursday night prayer service. So, off I went. Another routine Thursday, and just another weekly prayer service. Or so I thought… ….just like I had done every Thursday evening for years. JASMINE'S PLACE 9