Jasmine's Place Issue No. 19 - September/October 2017 - Page 65

And there was, because in June 2013 I took the biggest step of faith I’ve ever taken and set off on my walking frame on the Dublin 10k mini marathon. Half way round the course, I suddenly felt stronger than I had in years. I stood upright from my normally stooped posture, handed my walking frame to Steve, finished the course without it and ran over the finish line into his arms. I have never needed a walking frame since that day, and that was the day God answered my prayers and totally set me free of M.E. Since then Steve and I have had the joy of not only getting our lives back but so much more besides. We have seen once impossible dreams come true, including completing the 13.1 mile half marathon we dreamed of only 15 months after I was unable to walk without a walking frame. For me though, the most precious thing of all is seeing how God is now using what we’ve been through to help others going through tough times of their own. So whether it’s through the beautiful song “Dance Again” that our story inspired, or through the work I now do, going wherever and to whomever God sends me in the UK and beyond, I pray that my story can encourage others in their dark times and help people know that they can to trust in a God who is real and faithful, and that whatever they might be going through nothing is impossible for Him. If you have read this today and would like to have God in your life to be there for you like He was for me, why not pray the following prayer and ask Him to come into your life right now? “Father God, I believe You are real. I believe You sent Your Son Jesus to die on a cross, that He rose to life, and that He made a way for me to have a relationship with You and to go to heaven when I die. Please come into my life today and forgive me for every wrong thing I have done. I want to follow You from this day forwards. So please give me a fresh start, knowing You are always with me and will never leave me. Amen” If you just prayed that prayer, please tell someone who is a Christian so they can support you as you get to know God better and help you find a great church, or send me a message via www.amandavarty.com and I will be happy to pray for you and to help you get started on the amazing adventure that is life with God. Amanda is a Christian Speaker who is best known for the breath хɅձ́əɵ)ȁѕȀ啅́ɥݥѠɅ)̸!ȁѽ䁥ɕѡՍٕݽ͡)ͽad́ͥɽ՝Ё)ѼٕȁѡݽɱḾ)ɍ̰ɕٕ́́ѡU,)役́ͥєЁݕɥѡ)Ѽɕȁѡȁݸɕѡɽ՝Ѽ͔ѡ)չՔ́ѕѥѼɕѕѡ)ѼḾٕeɭ͡ɔݥѠ)͉Mѕٔݡ́ѽ䁡ȁѡɽ՝Ё)eԁЁݥѠȁЁܹم乍)Ёܹم̰)ݥѕȹٕX)%)輽ݥɜݥ1̔}ɽ}̱͡}Q}M|ȹ))M5%9LA1 ((