Jasmine's Place Issue No. 19 - September/October 2017 - Page 64

HEALING praying this way I felt God show me a very specific goal I needed to set: To sign up for a 10k mini marathon! It was the craziest goal ever but I decided I was just going to trust God, so I signed up... Meanwhile our church held a worship service. I stumbled down the aisle on my walking frame to the disabled seat, closed my eyes and began praising God. As I did, an amazing energy filled me, which really stood out, because when you have M.E. you have no energy at all. Eight months later I was prayed for in church and I got up out of my wheelchair and walked. I could hardly believe what was happening. It truly was a miracle. I wasn’t fully healed that day but it was a massive step forwards. From that point, I was strong enough to walk with a walking frame, and it was on that walking frame that I stumbled down the aisle to a worship service at our church. From that point I was able to use a walking frame...each day I would walk lengths of the bedroom on it, praying with each step that God would give me the strength to do another length. One day as I was Without stopping to think, I pushed my walking frame away and began to dance. Steve couldn’t believe what he was seeing! He took my hand and the two of us danced together again, just like I’d always imagined we would. I felt so alive and so free. It was amazing. Then, as I left the church, a strange thing happened. All of the energy drained away and I was back to using the walking frame again. But God had given a glimpse of the very dream of my heart, so I made a decision that I would just keep trusting him, because there had to be more to come. It was the craziest goal ever but I decided I was just going to trust God, so I signed up... Continued from page 35 64 JASMINE'S PLACE