Jasmine's Place Issue No. 19 - September/October 2017 - Page 63

Every few weeks when I am out around my town, someone – usually a young person will stop me and say, “You’re the lady that came back to life!” Or, “Aren’t you the lady that died?” I always say, “Yes,” ask their name and shake their hand. I’m always blessed and deeply affected that in my dying and living again, a generation of young people have taken notice and their belief in God is strengthened! After four months of extensive testing, my heart has proven to be 100% normal! The medical community continues to shake their heads and simply say, “You’re a miracle…” I believe God healed whatever was not quite right in my body and “reset” me for the future because there is much more for me to do! It has been an unlikely and unexpected leg of my journey, but the conclusion of the whole matter is this: I am so blessed, and so deeply, deeply in love with a Lord whose kindness and tender mercies toward me are unfathomably real, and continually cause me to weep. Laletrice “Lee” Brooks is a dedicated intercessor, former pastor, biblical counselor, and teacher of God’s word. With over thirty years of experience working in California civil service, Lee brings a wide range of insight for Christian women in the business world. In March 2016, Ms. Brooks founded When Women Pray the Movement (wwpmovement.com). The mission is to equip interces ܜ^Hݙ\H\ \][ۜ[Hܛ Y\ۋB[Z[][ۘ[Z[\KHܙ[^\[[][]K]YHܜ\[^Y\]\[[ܚ]\HZ] HˈYH[˜]]ܜZ[H^Y\][ۘ[܈X[YYXK\ˈ[\[HۈHX\وRBۚX\ ΌM 8'Y^H[H\H[YH^HH[[XH[\[\[^x)'H[[Y]\H\\[Yܛ[Y[HHH[Y]\H^Z[˜\[YXYX[ܛYH[H[H\X\و]Xؘ[\ܚ\K\\܂]H[Y\[\X\\[X[YX[[Z[KY []X[ܙKYH\]\Y[Y[HX\Y[قHZ\X[\][^\Y[YY[\XXX][HX\]Y[8'\\X[۸'B[X\ Mˈ[]^\Y[K[Z[۝[Y[ܙH[]\]B^Z[\\[XK\ˈ™][YH\X[[H܈Hق[\\[ۈ\\[\\ܜ[Z[›^\[Z\\ۘ[^Y\]\[Z[\Y\ˈ^HH۝[Y\\[[X܋[\HXY\وHY\YH\ YH\H[\وۙHY[ۈ[Bܘ[[\وYK[H\ܚ][Hݙ\XYHܞK]H[ݚ[[XK܈\[X]]Y[]\X˂H\\[ۘ]HX]8'Z[[X[8'H[ݙ\[[[YH[\[[Z\]\˂\ˈ\Y\[ܝ\[YܛXK[][ܙH]΋˝[ݙ[Y[ KB][IKXYNXH\Έ΋[[ۜ˝Z[YYXKܙZKњ[NXW\˚‘\΋[[ۜ˝Z[YYXKܙZKњ[NZ[[WYXW؛[̋LXܛY ’TRSIPB