Jasmine's Place Issue No. 19 - September/October 2017 - Page 61

I have set it before myself so many times when I couldn't seem to see through all the "stuff" of life. I would remind myself, "He has a plan for me, one to give me a future and a hope!" That always brought confidence and bolstered my faith, so I never considered the plan would include me dropping dead and subsequently being resurrected! This was a very unexpected part of my life journey to say the least. Without a shadow of a doubt, I believe that God knew that this would happen to me, and His plan dictated March 2, 2017 would not be the day I left this life for good! "...plans to give you a future and a hope." So, my foreseeable future remains to be here, and my hope remains in Christ the Redeemer, and eternity spent with Him! There were many questions though. Questions were the first things I confronted in this process and to be honest, I’ve struggled quite a bit with some of them. There is a piece of time I was not here, and much of my story has been told to me by others who were there. Many people asked things I simply cannot answer, and some have been a little disappointed that I do not recall being in heaven. Some people have just wanted to talk to someone who is a miracle. There is concern, compassion, a little fear from some, and a lot of trying to wrap one's mind around the divine. Often though, the conversations turn toward personal things the individuals may be trying to "process." Just like me... Here's what I can share though: My faith in Christ is totally intact! I can honestly say it never wavered. I believe without a doubt that His plans for me, and for you are good! More than ever, I know His thoughts and ways are far above ours. The most important thing I know today is that God is completely trustworthy! He can be eternally trusted, and He wants people He can trust with the miraculous - not people chasing the miraculous! The most important thing I know today is that God is completely trustworthy! Rather than spinning our wheels trying to make the miraculous comprehensible, He wants our faith and desire to be in Him. Our journey should be of chasing after Him - not His gifts and blessings... Faith to believe in Him and to desire Him above all else, is what He wants from His people. When we do that, incredible things will happen! JASMINE'S PLACE 61