Jasmine's Place Issue No. 19 - September/October 2017 - Page 60

RAISED BACK TO LIFE The doctors were not sure that the potassium level was low enough to cause my collapse and subsequent death. The on-call cardiologist examined me, and said, “Well you’re on your second life!” To this day, they say we may never know what really happened or why I survived. I at least know why I survived; the supernatural power of God! There's no other explanation... I do not recall anything during the time I was gone. When I “woke up”, apart from my confusion regarding what happened, I felt only a deep peace, like what one feels after waking up from a very deep sleep… My li fR6vVBVWV7FVFǒv2FBWfVrBFW&P&R7G&rFw2&WB`F2'WBRFVvB7FG2WBF6&RB6W2g&vVֶvfW'6Rb67&GW&RW&V֖#$f"rFR2fRf"R 62FR&B%FW&R2f vBBBf"F67FW"FvfRPgWGW&RBR rFB67&GW&RBvPFbBvVvRVVB&V77W&6PBV6W&vVVBvRFb@vVvRw&RvFW&rbvB7F0f"W2Bw267&GW&RF@'&w2RvVvRw&RFVW6W2B&7FW'2W"6f7F0vVvRw&RV7W&RbvBƖW0VBW"FF22FR&vF"67&GW&RvVvPf6RW72f6&W77W&R6VV֖vǒV&V&&Rv&6P6FF2&FvW2BBw2FPRvRVWBbW"'6VFV6W&vRFW'2vFvVFW&R0FrV6RF&R6BBw267&GW&RFB27W7FrvW vVvRw&RG'rF&B c4ԔRu24P6FVVBg&vR