Jasmine's Place Issue No. 19 - September/October 2017 - Page 60

RAISED BACK TO LIFE The doctors were not sure that the potassium level was low enough to cause my collapse and subsequent death. The on-call cardiologist examined me, and said, “Well you’re on your second life!” To this day, they say we may never know what really happened or why I survived. I at least know why I survived; the supernatural power of God! There's no other explanation... I do not recall anything during the time I was gone. When I “woke up”, apart from my confusion regarding what happened, I felt only a deep peace, like what one feels after waking up from a very deep sleep… My life changed unexpectedly in many ways that evening, and there are many striking things about all of this, but one thought stands out to share. It comes from a well-known verse of script ɔ)ɕİ(ȁ$܁ѡ́$ٔȁ԰)́ͅѡ1ɐQ䁅ɔ́)ЁȁͅѕȰѼٔ)ɔ)5䁭܁ѡЁ͍ɥɔݔ)ѡЁݡݔɕɅ)Ʌи]ѡ)ݡݔɔݽɥѥ)ȁ̸%Н͍́ɥɔѡ)ɥ́ݡݔɔ)̰ѕ́ȁ٥ѥ)ݡݔɔչɔݡЁ)ȁѠ)Q́́ѡѼ͍ɥɔݡݔ)̰ɕɔ)͕չɅݽɭ)ѥ̰ɥхݽ̰Н́ѡ)ݔձЁȁ͕Ѽ)Ʌѡ́ݥѠݡѡɔ)ѡ͔Ѽͅ%Н́)͍ɥɔѡЁ́хݕ)ݡݔɔ她Ѽ())M5%9LA1 ) ѥՕɽ