Jasmine's Place Issue No. 19 - September/October 2017 - Page 55

When we pulled out of the church lot on his daughter’s wedding day, we weren’t even out of reverse when my husband turned and asked, “How did you know? You kept saying this was going to be an amazing day.” Without hesitating I replied, “I laid down too many years of a prayerful foundation for that to return void. God heard those prayers and met us all in an amazing way.” If you are in a blended family situation, whether recent, or for a few years, it’s never too late to start laying down prayers and proclamations laced with believing God and His word. Re-write that evil step-mom story, and watch God do amazing things, in His time. Julie Arduini is a writer and speaker who encourages audiences to find freedom through surrender. She knows it has to start with her, so she’s surrendering the good, the bad, and---maybe one day---the chocolate. She blogs for Christians Read, the Bella Women Network, and is the author of the Surrendered Time Series, an Adirondacks based contemporary romance. Visit her at www.juliearduini.com Article first published at : http://talkingamongfriends.com/2013/05/14/re- writing-the-evil-step-mom-story/ First published at: http://www.talkingamongfriends.blogspot.co.u k/2013/05/re-writing-evil-step-mom-story.html JASMINE'S PLACE 55 55