Jasmine's Place Issue No. 19 - September/October 2017 - Page 47

“thank you Father.” Bounding up three steps at a time I literally ran to Mrs. Beckman’s room. I knocked on her door and with tears I held it up in the air before approaching her bed. She nodded. “Red” and then kissed the object of desire I'd handed her. “I told you I’d figure it out…but it was God who ultimately told me what it “I’m driving back to the nursing home.” I’m going to drive you; I think you’re too excited to concentrate properly.” The car barely came to a stop before I leaped out and ran for the front doors of the building. “Jessica? What are you doing back...” “Eddy, I need to get into the storage area.” The maintenance man nodded, “Sure thing…let’s go.” I went to the storage bin that belonged to Mrs. Beckman, “Thanks Eddy, I’ll take it from here.” was you so desired. Praise His loving and Holy Name.” She smiled at me as she caressed her worn but beloved red Bible… *A true story but one name has been changed. Reproduced with permission from CD Swanson. Story first published and seen on Faithwriters at: http://www.faithwriters.com/wc-article-level4- previous.php?id=47873 C D Swanson has written twenty Christian books. In addition to her books, she contributes to various magazines that reach a worldwide audience, is a member of Christian Faithwriters, a featured author for Knitted Together By God, and operates her own devotional ministry website. Should you like to check out CD Swanson and her work you may do so at her website. http://www.cdswanson.com www.faithwriters.com www.knittedtogetherbygod.com. I went through each and every box methodically. There must have been over twenty-five in total. As it turned out it was the very last one in which I found the treasure. I looked up to God and smiled before mouthing, JASMINE'S PLACE 47 47