Jasmine's Place Issue No. 19 - September/October 2017 - Page 35

healed. So much so, that we even made a dream list of things we would do when I was healed. There were all sorts of things on that dream list from wanting to go to America for the first time, to wanting to do a half marathon, to just wanting to go for a walk together again on the beautiful hills near where we live. The most special dream of all for me though, was the dream that Steve and I would dance together again. You see, for me dancing was just so full of life, and joy, and energy – everything that being bedridden wasn’t. So every night as Steve and I prayed together, we pictured the day we would dance together again, and that picture became my picture of what healing would look like. For four more years we held onto that promise that my healing was a “Done Deal”. During that time, I learnt to trust God in a whole new way and He gently healed me of inner scars from the past and set me free from the shame of the physical scars on my face, until I could look in the mirror again and accept myself scars and all. Miracle Moments And then in the summer of 2011, I was lying in bed praying when 3 words came into my head, "Go to church! It sounded crazy I couldn't on even get downstairs in my own house, how could I go to church? But the 3 words came again, and in my heart I knew it was God. So I said to God, "Ok God, if I do all I can will you do what I can't and make a way?...And He did because, two weeks later, on 14th August, against all the odds, I managed to leave the house for the first time in 9 years and cried tears of joy to feel sunlight my face again. How we did it I will never know, but Steve carried me down the stairs, laid me across the back seat of a friend’s car and took me \ ۘH[\ HYHZ[XܛYBZ\X]\H[^H]\\[Y[^HX]\\Y\Y]^HHZ[YY[H[&]][]\Y[BY[Z\]\[HZ\X\X[BY[H]x&\[[ \HY[[܈BZ\XHوYH][\ H[HY[[YH[^BK\]H[H\Y]\\[^BXH]\Y[[XZ[Y][\Y܈[[\H\[H[H[X[\YH\[›^H\\[HZ\[ܜ\\\][&]ܛX[HYHܚ›^H[] ۝[YYۈYH TRSIPBB