Jasmine's Place Issue No. 19 - September/October 2017 - Page 34

My face even swelled up in boil-like sores that didn’t respond to treatment and I couldn’t even look in the mirror without crying. Then, after four years, I was told I was now considered too severely affected to ever recover, and I felt like I just couldn’t take any more. I lay there sobbing and cried out to God in absolute desperation, begging Him to heal me. It was a prayer of total surrender, knowing that no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t fix this and that God was my only hope. I had no idea that this prayer would be the turning point of the whole situation. me bedridden for 9 years. But then, without warning, my side burst open and fluid began gushing out. Absolute Desperation Our lives were devastated. Before long my husband Steve was having to spoon-feed me. For 9 years I didn’t even see sunlight. My whole world became a single darkened room because I couldn’t have the curtains open due to severe light sensitivity. I lost the job I loved, and, without my salary, we lost our car and very nearly lost our house. 34 JASMINE'S PLACE Holding On to Hope The answer to my prayer was not what I expected at all. It came in the form of an invitation for my husband to attend a healing service at a nearby church called Life Church. That night two different people prayed with Steve and they both separately felt God was showing them the same thing: That it was a “done deal” and I would be healed. Steve came straight home and prayed with me and we both were certain that I would be healed there and then, but it didn’t happen. What did happen though was God set something deep in our hearts that just wouldn’t let go of us, and I just knew that I WAS going to be