Jasmine's Place Issue No. 19 - September/October 2017 - Page 23

One year while waiting to move into our own home, we rented an older house in town. It had spacious rooms, with our bedroom at the front of the house and the children's near the kitchen at the back. daughter spotted the cookies and gave us a bright grin. You could tell they were Mother and daughter, they looked alike - same blonde hair and same smile. As many older homes have, this one had a large upstairs that had been converted into a small studio apartment, and was vacant. I introduced myself and my daughter and we talked about the area for a few minutes. Before we left, our daughter Mandy, volunteered to watch the little girl if her Mother ever needed a baby sitter. With the coming of Thanksgiving I was busy with preparations for the children and their activities. I hadn't noticed the young mother and her little girl until after they had moved in upstairs. I immediately placed some cookies on a plate and with our eighth grade daughter, took the side stairway to greet our new neighbors. A young woman in her middle twenties stood in the doorway, and stepped back to ask us in. Her young A few days before Thanksgiving, I realized how much I missed our own stove and oven, which was packed away while we were renting. I made a mental note to clean the oven before baking my pies. It was a gas stove, and although I liked cooking over gas, I'd always had an electric stove before. We were planning on grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members to come and share the day. I also sent a note to our new neighbor, in the apartment upstairs, and invited them to join us. JASMINE'S PLACE 23