Jasmine's Place Issue No. 19 - September/October 2017 - Page 19

On the way back I am praising Him with both hands raised along with KTLF radio (steering wheel? - Ahh, some things just need a two handed praise!) I had a picture of God's touch going straight down to my breasts HEALING. Yes, this is the day I could hear back on the flunked mammogram-extensive biopsy results. (Sorry if this is too much information, but being a former registered nurse, I really AM sparing you the gory details, honest). Then I begin the process of unloading the fridge into coolers. There was a phone message - (please let it be the biopsy results , I hate waiting ) - no - it was another doctor that got a referral for me about 3 weeks ago and finally decided to call. The trigger finger and cyst can wait, I have more demanding irons in the fire right now. SO I’m awaiting the fridge tech's call. I want to nail down something less vague than 9-5 tomorrow and see if I can at least keep one of my appointments before cancelling them both. What do I know for sure? My Lord Jesus is in control and has me right smack dab in the center of the palm of His hands, there is no place in life I'd rather be. time to go and read. His Word first, and then a good novel by a very versatile Christian author. The washing machine is purring as is the dishwasher, a few cats are too, and it is time for a pot of herb tea and Thee. Conclusion? My wonderful neighbor babysat the fridge and took care of the repairman - the fridge has been "purring" ever since . I am now in my last 1/3 of the time for radiation for breast cancer - the surgery and reconstruction of the other side involved 40 inches of incisions. I did MUCH better than I thought I would - Dr. Jesus is the very best!!! They say I am now "cancer free"!! Come visit my blog! http://myincrediblelord.blogspot.com ( C) Marijo Phelps. All Rights Reserved. Saved by His grace in 1974, from 9 years of professing atheism into His loving arms. RN for 23 years, missionary with YWAM then statistical analyst for Every Home for Christ over 9 years. Living with my husband in the middle of a mountain meadow. GRIN! Wanting to spread the good news. Article Source: Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com Article URL: http://articles.faithwriters.com/reprint-article- details.php?id=20842 Deep breath as I think it is way past JASMINE'S PLACE 19