Jasmine's Place Issue No. 19 - September/October 2017 - Page 18

HEALING Is The Sky Falling? Marijo Phelps The freezer was melting. She wasn’t sure she would get a repair appointment. But she had much more pressing issues…biopsy results. I was going to relax and read today. But that didn’t happen. I have learned over the years that when there are good things happening in the heavenlies at the hands of our God, the enemy has terrible temper tantrums. Before I even scoop the kitty litter I notice that, once again, the entire freezer in the fridge is melting. They apparently didn't fix the leak. The replacement coils arrived in a beat up box, but the tech thought it was ok. Now, a week later Marijo knows it was not OK. So I call Sears to set up an appointment. They only have tomorrow - (yep, tomorrow is the day I have the doc's appointment I have awaited for a month to find out carotid exam results and many other loose ends - AND - I have a very much needed massage therapy appointment as I’ve not been sleeping well because my muscles 18 JASMINE'S PB\H[[ۚ[\H H]BYHY\\܈H]HZ][\YZ܈[H][YH8)[[\YZYBXYۛH[ܙ\\[[\YZ܈H^ ]\ܙY[ LZ[\]^JH\PKBXۈ\H[Y\B[ۘHYZ[[ݙHHYB۝[XH\ˈY\H\Y^\\[YH[H [ž[Hܙ܈ܛ\Y\K